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How to integrate e-commerce and mobile apps with SAP Business One?

By Seidor Procons

In the fast, highly technological reality we live in today, the world of business has taken an entirely new shape from back when we thought it was in its prime. That was nothing comparing to what it has become today. Tiny machines used to pass information at previously unimaginable speed are the new Wall Street of the world: Mobile phones. Businessmen and women who want to succeed have no choice but to jump into the eCommerce world and adapt. And honestly, who wouldn’t? Mobile apps, social media, and e-commerce in general are all brilliant ways to boost the reach of any business and to get their message across to millions of people globally. Intelligent business people know that it is key to keep up with the trends and to make processes as easy as possible for the customers. The internet allows them to do just that. Ecommerce replaces all previous troubles, making the entire Vendor-customer situation as perfect as it gets. Now, business teams and customers both can do their part from behind a screen, saving space, time, and effort while boosting customer loyalty, good communication, and manage catalogues from one platform allowing ease of use across multiple digital ordering marketplaces such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram.

So now you’re ready to launch your business into this online cosmos but don’t know where to start? SAP Business One collaborates with top integrated e-commerce solutions. Together, they make sure all your business processes easily make it into your SAP Business One system.


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